TOS – Terms of Service

1. Please DO NOT hotlink to our site.

2. Please link back to us whenever convenient.

3. No more rules!


Q: What is a “hotlink”?

A:  A Hotlink is defined as “a link between two files, as between a spreadsheet and a document, such that a change in one effects a change in the other; hyperlink.”  Basically, I am asking you NOT to move one of my images to a forum, other website, etc.  This can eat up a lot of my precious bandwidth!  Save the picture to your computer then upload it to one of the popular picture sharing sites such as or


Q: Where do you get these graphics?

A:  These graphics are either made by us or are found around the internet, free for distribution.


Q: Will you make some for me if I request something special?

A: Yes, we will make custom graphics for free. We also will take graphics created by others, if we approve of them.

Q: Is there anywhere else I can find these games?

A: No, all our games are made by us and cannot be redistrubited on another website without direct permission. This means that you have to have your name on a special list of allowed game owners.


Q: Why do you make demos when the full versions are free?

A: We do this because we want you to know that you like the game before downloading the full version, which takes up more space on your computer. This way you don’t have to worry about not liking it.


Q: Will you make me a website?

A: We will make any personal websites, using either freewebs or WordPress. Websites for companies are also allowed.
Thanks to Nothin’ But Narnia for this F.A.Q. Some edits have been made.

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