The Story:

The year is 2109, and you’ve been investigating a so-called “haunted mine.” You believe that it is all a myth, so you go down into it to talk with some of the android miners. While you are down at the bottom, you hear a rumbling noise and dirt and rocks fall from the boards above you. You hear a loud boom, and everything goes black

Later, you wake up to find that the tunnel you came from got blocked off by large pieces of debris. You wait a while as you call out into the rubble, but there are no responses. You then decide that the only thing to do is to go into the darkness below. Fortunately for you, you have a headlamp that one of the miners had given you and you now turn it on. You wander through the tunnels for a while until you find an old looking AK-47. Figuring you won’t need it, but deciding to take it anyway, you put the strap over your back.

You wander through the shafts for a while, until you hear some kind of robotic breathing beside you. You whirl around only to find an android miner with his back to you. You breath out a sigh of relief, but then stop as he turns towards you. Its face is all black and distorted, as if it was melted in a blast. You take a step back, and it runs towards you, letting off a loud siren. You have no choice but to pull out the AK-47 and shoot it repeatedly at point blank range. The sound echoes through the mine shaft, and you begin to hear more robotic moans coming from all around you, including a whispering voice, saying, ”…you shouldn’t have come here…and now you will pay the price….”

You manage to escape, and the androids leave you alone for a while. During this short period of time you listen to some of them talk to each other. They are constantly yelling at each other, and they are hard to understand, but you make out enough of their conversation to know that they are planning on emerging soon to take over the earth.

And you’re the only one who stands in their way.


Logo Draft

Logo Draft


Logo Draft - Blinking

Logo Draft - Blinking

Contest Details:

We have decided to include two different versions of the game. The first one is going to be the 3D FPS version, and the second is going to be the 2D classic platform/puzzle game. This will add all different kinds of fun to it, giving it a wide range of varieties. Lastly, we are going to enter it in YoYoGame’s Competition04, “Save the Planet.” Here is the list of prizes (not given out by us):

  1. $1000
  2. $500
  3. $250

If we do win this contest (in any place) we will be able to buy newer paint programs so that we can create better quality games and graphics for your enjoyment.


2 Responses to “Despondency”

  1. November 17, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    We have changed it from ghosts to androids upon request, as well as changed the year and the weapon used. (previous year: 1954, previous weapon: shotgun)

  2. February 14, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    As we’ve said before, this was canceled. So if there are any game programmers out there who want to steal the story/game idea, go right ahead.

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